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We at Coderz consultancy solutions have a pool of high skilled .NET developers. If you are looking to hire a .NET developer, then you are at the right place. We offer extremely flexible. We develop a personalized plan for each product based on the client requirement. Hire your .NET developer from Coderz consultancy solutions.

Best .NET Development team in Coderz

.NET Developers in Coderz Consultancy Solution has an average of 5+ years of experience. To leverage the power of Microsoft technology you can hire the best asp.net developers who can deliver excellent results. Our expert .NET developers would guide you to build a robust, flexible and effective application.




Asp.Net Core platform, is a free and open-source software framework that is very popular with modern web developers. It has extensive library, tools, and programming language that can be used to build various types of applications. It supports industry standard protocols. The built-in features help protect your app against cross-site request forgery (CSRF) and Cross site scripting (XSS).

This Microsoft language is used to create software for businesses of all sizes, and it's equipped with a wealth of features that will help you make your projects a success. Vb.Net is an OOPS based programming language, it has many useful features like automatic control anchoring, in-place menu editor, docking, and auto formatting of code. Making it a great platform to develop web and software applications.

ADO.Net primarily focuses on leveraging the potential of XML and making sure data access is fluent. It is made by set of classes that facilitates connection of various databases to provide access to relational data. It is easy to connect to databases like oracle, mysql, sql, and others. It has inbuilt classes to perform general operations like insert, delete, select, and update.

Why Us

Coderz consultancy service is a top .NET consultancy company. Our developers would provide best in class .NET software development service that would help the client improve their platform’s functionalities. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the subject, different frameworks, and technologies.

Average 5+ years Experience

The pool of react software developers at Coderz are experts in .NET development frameworks.

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Project Management

You can stay relieved of complicated project management issues as our experienced Project Mangers take care of your project.


We make sure to keep you fully updated on the daily tasks and project progress through email, message, and call.


Our hiring process is highly flexible. You can hire our programmers as per your requirements either on a yearly, monthly, part-time, or hourly basis.


We ensure that all data and information regarding the product or service will be in safe hands. A strict NDA would be followed to maintain privacy.

How to Hire .Net Developers

Step 1

Let’s Talk: Our talent acquisition specialist will help you hire the most suitable .NET developer that fits the requirement. You can start evaluating and selecting top talents from the pool of skilled and experienced .NET developers.

Step 2

Meet our top talent: You can talk with our top talent through a video call for skill assessment in .NET. We will provide complete support for hiring the candidate. By hiring the top .NET developer from Coderz, you can leverage the benefits of their experience at an affordable cost.

Step 3

Our business model: We have a number of business models you can choose the one the best fits your requirements. We could also build a personalized business model for unique business requirements. The three most sought business models are hourly, full time, and part-time hiring.

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What's the timeline for hiring a .NET developer?

Coderz considers various aspects while interviewing the candidate as a .NET developer. We look into the candidate's background, knowledge in .NET, technical skills, experience in software and web development, and knowledge of various .NET frameworks. Our hiring process for .NET developers can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks.

What are some qualities that you look for in a good .NET developer?

Some good qualities to look for in .NET developers are experienced and certified in the language, coding style, object-oriented design principles, unit testing practices, scalability issues, and ability to work in different software development tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio or Eclipse PDT.

Why hire .NET developers from Coderz Consultancy Solutions?

There are various benefits if you hire developers from Coderz consultancy solution for .NET application development like

  • Experience
  • Cost-Effective
  • Regular upskilling 
  • Project management
  • Reliable support
  • Dedicated team

What services are offered in the .NET development solution?

  • Web application development
  • Desktop application development
  • Database based applications 
  • IoT Applications
  • SaaS applications