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8 Reasons to choose WordPress Over other CMS


As the world is moving fast, it is turning everything digital. Advancement in technology has made it possible to do almost everything we need at a tap of a button. The Internet has grown tremendously in the past decade due to the penetration of mobile phones. Today more than a 4.66billion people around the globe have access to the Internet. There are more than 1.8 billion websites hosted on Internet today.

The Internet has changed the business perspective now. More people are opting to buy online than in a physical store. Sure, enough, the eCommerce market is booming with businesses and consumers coming online. Through the medium of the Internet, businesses are expanding easily and getting customers from all around the globe. As per estimates, in 2020, eCommerce sales became a whopping 4.28 trillion-dollar industry. Here let’s have a look at reasons to choose WordPress

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

As the Internet is growing, websites are being created every minute. The Developers are looking for a tool that can FastTrack the process. Building a website became much easier with CMS. A few years ago, it would take a lot of programming and a professional to build a website from scratch. But today, CMS has made it easy for anyone to build a website with a little bit of technical skill and a lot of practice.

CMS is software using which a user can build, modify, and manage a website with little or no technical knowledge. CMS gives you a friendly and user-friendly user interface to build your website without any coding required. Over 43.6% of the websites in the world use custom-made CMS.

What is WordPress?

It is a free and open-source Content Management system. WordPress is a CMS primarily used to build websites. It is the most popular CMS in the market; it holds more than 62% of the CMS market share. One in three websites hosted on the Internet is managed by WordPress. 41% of websites on the Internet use WordPress. Over the years, WordPress has grown into a huge and trusted community. Its open-source certification gave an opportunity to numerous developers to strengthen and innovate in WordPress. Monthly meetups are held in 817 cities worldwide, where thousands of developers, site owners, and content creators come together. Its easy-to-use strategy welcomes more and more users on board.

Eight reasons why WordPress is better than other CMS

1.Open Source

WordPress is one of the oldest CMS, and one of the main reasons for its tremendous growth is its being an open-source platform. So, what benefits do you have from an open-source platform? It is very easy to make any modification you need by manipulating the source code. You can also distribute the modified content without any trouble.Its open-source feature enabled various developers worldwide to develop and update the WordPress software. So, you will always be using the best version of WordPress. Open-source has helped various developers to enrich WordPress features by creating various feature-rich Plugins and Themes.

2. It’s Free

Apart from being an Open-source. Another important and key feature of WordPress is that it is free of cost and is available for all. However, WordPress has many premium add-ons, but the core WordPress is free of cost. It also provides a free hosting service with the subdomain for bloggers beginning their journey.

WordPress can be easily installed and deployed on any server for free. Most web hosting services provide one-click WordPress installation. Hosting providers also have unique plans for exclusively managing WordPress sites. Most of the time, you get access to many premium WordPress features when using a hosting service.

3. User Friendly

The backend interface of WordPress is very user-friendly. The developers keep in mind the importance of keeping the interface easy to use while developing and updating. Anyone with minimal knowledge can easily learn, interact with the interface and create the websites they need. 

 It is also filled with various themes for various categories. You can choose a theme that you like. There are also many plugins available in the CMS, using which you can customize your site and add any features you require. This has made building websites less time-consuming and efficient.

4. Customizable

Many people think WordPress can only be used for blogging by bloggers. But in reality, if you have good knowledge of the themes and plugins available in the CMS, you can build any website you like using WordPress. You can build websites like:

  • eCommerce Store
  • Business Website
  • Service Website
  • Portfolio Websites
  • NGO Websites
  • Auction based Websites
  • Job Portal Website  

WordPress is not only limited to these types. A huge thanks to the 56000+ plugins available on the platform for making all this possible. If it weren’t for plugins and themes, building complicated sites in WordPress would be a never-ending task. 

A Famous plugin called WooCommerce helps build an E-Commerce store where owners can sell physical and digital products. It is used by most of the eCommerce businesses running on this platform. Many other great plugins to optimise and add features to your site.

5. Multilingual

The best industry practices of WordPress have helped it to grow and become close to the users. The ultimate aim of all the developers and WordPress is to make the website easily accessible to all people, including people with sensory impairment. Also, it aims to run the WordPress site on any platform.

There is a handbook for developers who build themes and plugins to follow a process and meet standards. Few tools are available to check the accessibility of the site. WordPress supports more than 180 languages. There are plugins available to bring this feature to life. 

6. A huge Community

The software is pretty easy to understand and use, which doesn’t mean there will be no trouble for you down the line. We make mistakes, and when we are stuck on a problem, there is a huge support forum with hundreds of thousands of developers and users. This community will help you with almost anything in no time. 

There are also thousands of documents available on the website that is easily accessible by anyone. This documentation has all the details you need. One can also make changes in the code by using this documentation for more customization of your website.

7. Security

Its huge customer base and reach must also mean that it has gained a lot of interest from hackers. The developers understand the risk in the platform and the importance of safeguarding your content. Well, don’t worry; as developers continuously update WordPress, they ensure WordPress is safe from its core.

Also, numerous plugins like sucuri security and jetpack are available, whose main objective is to keep your website safe. There are plugins that backup all your data and design at regular intervals. The best part is that most of these plugins and features are available free of cost. 

8. SEO Friendly

The structure of WordPress is extremely search engine friendly. The editor where you edit all your content has places for your Title, description, H1, H2, tags, and alt text. Filling all these will be easier and makes your content SEO friendly. 

A good SEO means more traffic to the website from the search engine and a good site ranking. WordPress’s fast and responsive feature lets your website load at good speed on any platform.

Apart from this, many plugins like Yoast SEO and All-in-one SEO are available to make your website more SEO optimized and help you analyze your content and add multiple features for a better site ranking. 


WordPress is the best CMS platform out there; the number of users and developers can speak for the success of the CMS. It is very easy to design a website in less time and with no programming knowledge. The army of plugins and themes available in WordPress makes it easy for website owners to add various functionality and customize their website in any way they want. The plugins also keep the website safe and SEO optimized. WordPress is the best place to start your business or personal website. 

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