Cosmetic care mobile app

React Native, WordPress API, MySQL


Ombré is a newly established brand that combines 30 years-worth of experience in the local beauty industry with new age technology and customer demands.

Ombré is the graduation of different colours with no clear borders or lines. Similar to its definition, we hope to blur the lines and labels of beauty standards by empowering our members to focus on being the unique, best, most beautiful version of themselves.

Project Objective:

Ombre’s goal was to establish a closer connection with customers by launching a mobile app. This app would enable users to seamlessly book appointments for services, purchase products from the Ombre store, and manage their membership points. Users would track and redeem points on any product or service, fostering a more personalized and interactive beauty experience.

Our Process

  • A systematic approach guided the success of the project:

    1. Requirements Gathering: Collaborative consultations facilitated a clear understanding of the web application’s features and functionalities.
    2. Market Research: In-depth industry research informed the selection of appropriate technologies and software, aligning with user interface and experience trends.
    3. SRS Documentation: A detailed Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document outlined project timelines, budget, and specific functionalities.
    4. Development: The mobile application, developed using React native and WordPress API, adhered to project objectives and timelines.
    5. Testing and Verification: Rigorous testing ensured the satisfaction of all software test cases, minimizing post-launch issues.
    6. Deployment: After client verification and thorough testing, the mobile app was deployed to the Android and iOS stores.

Key Features & Challenges:

    1. Book Appointment: Users can effortlessly schedule appointments through the mobile app, selecting their preferred date, time, and specific services.
    2. Reschedule Appointment: The flexibility to reschedule appointments provides users with the convenience to adapt their beauty routines to their changing schedules.
    3. Purchase Products: The app facilitates product purchases directly from the Ombre store, allowing users to explore and buy a range of cosmetics and skincare items.
    4. Track Product History: Users can conveniently track their purchase history, enabling them to revisit previous product choices and make informed decisions.
    5. Check Membership Points: A dedicated feature allows users to monitor their membership points, fostering engagement and providing an incentive for loyalty.
    6. View Services in Different Outlets: Users can explore available services at various Ombre outlets, making informed decisions based on service availability and location.
    7. Payment Integration: Seamless payment integration streamlines the checkout process, providing a secure and efficient way for users to pay for services and products.


    Elaboration of Key Challenges:

    1. Applying Vouchers Based on Appointments: The challenge lies in integrating a system that accurately applies vouchers based on appointment details, ensuring a smooth and error-free process.
    2. Handling Payment Errors: Retrieving and displaying data from payment providers in the UI during payment errors requires robust error-handling mechanisms to provide users with clear and actionable information.
    3. Creating Voucher from Points and Selecting Date, Time, and Service: This challenge involves developing a seamless process for users to create vouchers from earned points while selecting specific date, time, and services during the appointment booking.
    4. Modifying Appointments After Booking: Enabling users to modify appointments post-booking necessitates a careful implementation to maintain data integrity and synchronize changes across the system.


The Ombre Mobile Beauty App successfully brought the brand closer to its customers, providing a user-friendly platform for booking services, purchasing products, and managing membership points. The challenges posed during development were overcome, allowing for smooth application functionality. The app’s deployment on Android and iOS platforms expanded Ombre’s reach and solidified its position at the forefront of personalized and tech-driven beauty experiences, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

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