Appointment, service, and employee management system

Angular, WordPress API, MySQL


Ombre, a groundbreaking brand in the beauty industry, merges three decades of local beauty expertise with cutting-edge technology and evolving customer needs. Embracing the philosophy of “ombre,” the brand seeks to dissolve the boundaries of beauty standards, empowering individuals to embrace their unique, beautiful selves. Ombre utilizes state-of-the-art skincare technology and products to provide a pampering experience

for its clients.

Project Objective:

Ombre approached Coderz with a vision to streamline and centralize their business operations. They sought a comprehensive content management system (CMS) that could effectively handle services, customer interactions, appointments, employee management, coupons, offers, employee details, and leave management. Coderz was tasked with developing a unified platform to enhance operational efficiency in the beauty industry.

Our Process

  • A systematic approach guided the success of the project:

    1. Requirements Gathering: Collaborative consultations facilitated a clear understanding of the web application’s features and functionalities.
    2. Market Research: In-depth industry research informed the selection of appropriate technologies and software, aligning with user interface and experience trends.
    3. SRS Documentation: A detailed Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document outlined project timelines, budget, and specific functionalities.
    4. Development: The CMS application, developed using Angular and WordPress API, adhered to project objectives and timelines.
    5. Testing and Verification: Rigorous testing ensured the satisfaction of all software test cases, minimizing post-launch issues.
    6. Deployment: After client verification and thorough testing, the CMS software was deployed to the live environment.

Key Features & Challenges:

  • Features:

    1. Appointment Management: Efficient handling of customer appointments.
    2. Services and Products Management: Adding, editing, and managing services and products.
    3. Orders Management: Streamlining the process of managing customer orders.
    4. Employee Details Management: Comprehensive employee information management.
    5. Leave Management System: Effectively managing employee leave requests.
    6. Sales: Showcasing present sales trends for strategic planning.
    7. Reports: Generating detailed reports for business insights.
    8. Points Management: Implementing a points system for customer loyalty.



    1. Unique Calendar and Clock UI: Designing a calendar and clock view from scratch for a unique user interface.
    2. Report Generation and Export: Overcoming challenges in generating and exporting multiple reports.
    3. Customer Wallet and Points System: Creating unique wallets for each customer and managing reward points based on their services.


The successful development and implementation of the Ombre CMS resulted in a transformative solution for the beauty industry. The streamlined management system enhanced service delivery, improved employee efficiency, and provided valuable insights through robust reporting.


The unique UI elements, including the calendar and clock view, showcased the project’s commitment to bespoke design. The integration of wallet systems and loyalty points elevated customer engagement, fostering brand loyalty. Overall, the CMS not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, positioning Ombre for sustained growth and operational excellence in the cosmetics industry.


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