Job portal web application for recruiters and candidates

React JS, MongoDB, GoLang, AWS,Figma, XD
Job portal


Vision was to transform how businesses attract, manage, and retain talent. They specialize in customized recruitment processes and HR services. Their solutions empower businesses, enabling them to build thriving teams, cultivate growth, and navigate the future of work with confidence.

Project Objective:

Recruitment Management Web Application: The application aims to empower recruiters and HR professionals with a centralized platform for streamlined job listing management, candidate tracking, communication logs, task scheduling, and performance evaluation.

Candidate Application Web Application: Simultaneously, the Candidate Application offers candidates a seamless experience to sign up, update profiles, apply for positions, manage interview schedules, and track application statuses.

Both applications prioritize intuitive user interfaces and customizable features, catering to the needs of diverse organizations, ultimately fostering efficiency in the recruitment process.  The goal is to provide a comprehensive view of the hiring pipeline, enabling early issue identification, seamless team collaboration, and the selection of top-tier candidates for open positions.

Our Process

  • A systematic approach guided the success of the project:

    1. Requirements Gathering: Collaborative consultations facilitated a clear understanding of the web application’s features and functionalities.
    2. Market Research: In-depth industry research informed the selection of appropriate technologies and software, aligning with user interface and experience trends.
    3. UX Design: With insights from user research in hand, our UX designers created wireframes and prototypes using tools like Adobe XD. These wireframes served as the blueprint for the software’s user interface, focusing on intuitive navigation, efficient task flows, and an overall user-friendly experience.
    4. UI Design: Once the wireframes were approved, our UI designers took over to craft a visually appealing and cohesive user interface using Figma. This included selecting color schemes, typography, iconography, and other design elements that reflected the branding and aesthetics of the web application.
    5. SRS Documentation: A detailed Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document outlined project timelines, budget, and specific functionalities.
    6. Development: The Web application, developed using React JS, MongoDB, GoLang, and AWS adhered to project objectives and timelines.
    7. Testing and Verification: Rigorous testing ensured the satisfaction of all software test cases, minimizing post-launch issues.
    8. Deployment: After client verification and thorough testing, the web application was deployed to the live environment.

Key Features & Challenges:

  • Features:

    1. Dashboard: A centralized dashboard offering an overview of key recruitment metrics, job listings, candidate applications, and performance analytics.
    2. Client Onboarding: Seamless onboarding process for clients, providing them with the tools and access needed to manage job listings, review applications, and communicate with candidates.
    3. List Jobs for Recruiters: Recruiters can easily create and manage job listings, including detailed descriptions, requirements, and application procedures.
    4. Apply Jobs for Candidates: User-friendly interface for candidates to browse job listings, apply for positions, and track the status of their applications.
    5. Talent Pool: A centralized database of potential candidates, allowing recruiters to proactively search and connect with individuals for current and future job opportunities.
    6. Sourcing: Tools for recruiters to source candidates efficiently, utilizing filters, tags, and advanced search functionalities.
    7. Chat: Real-time communication features, enabling recruiters, clients, and candidates to engage in direct conversations, fostering quick and efficient communication.
    8. Employees: Management of employee profiles, facilitating collaboration between HR professionals and ensuring accurate record-keeping.
    9. Interview Status: Transparent tracking of interview progress, providing insights into candidate assessments and facilitating collaboration among hiring teams.
    10. Help Desk: Dedicated support and assistance features, ensuring users can access help resources, submit queries, and receive timely responses.



    1. Data Management and Security:

    Handling vast amounts of sensitive data, including candidate information, job postings, and HR-related data, requires robust security measures to protect against breaches and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR or CCPA.

    1. Scalability:

    Designing the system to handle a wide range of users and data loads, especially for larger organizations with high-volume recruitment needs, requires scalable architecture and efficient database management.

    1. Integration:

    Integrating with various third-party tools for Posting a Job, Client Onboarding, Chats, Attendance Tracking, can be challenging to ensure seamless data flow and functionality.

    1. Customization:

    Building a platform that’s adaptable to the diverse needs of different organizations involves creating customizable features and interfaces while maintaining a cohesive user experience.

    1. Continuous Updates and Support:

    Providing ongoing support, updates, and maintenance to keep the platform secure, functional, and aligned with evolving user needs and technology trends.


Our Recruitment Management Web Application, stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and precision in the realm of talent acquisition and HR management. By seamlessly integrating features for recruiters and candidates alike, the platform offers a comprehensive solution for streamlined recruitment processes. Overcoming challenges related to data security, scalability, integration, customization, and ongoing support, the application delivers a user-friendly experience while meeting the diverse needs of organizations. Our Recruitment Management Web Application transforms how businesses attract, manage, and retain talent, bringing efficiency and innovation to the recruitment landscape.Top of Form

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