Pharmaceutical listing web application

Pharma Info Source
Figma, XD, React JS, NodeJS


Pharma Info Source provide sourcing solutions to the pharmaceutical industry as a whole by building best in class sourcing platform.

Drug Substance Sourcing:

  • API/Raw Materials Sourcing
  • Surplus Listing
  • Impurities Sourcing


  • Clinical Services Sourcing
  • Chemistry Services Sourcing
  • Analytical Services Sourcing
  • Formulation Services Sourcing

Pharma Services:

  • Dossier Services Sourcing
  • Other Key Services
  • Listing of Key Websites

Equipment Sourcing:

  • New Equipment’s
  • Used Equipment’s
  • Buying Lead / Selling Lead

Project Objective:

Coderz project objective is to create a cutting-edge sourcing platform that caters to the comprehensive needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Through the development of both consumer and admin web applications, we aim to provide an interactive and efficient ecosystem for seamless collaboration between buyers and suppliers.

Consumer Web App: Enable pharmaceutical professionals to access our sourcing solutions effortlessly. Facilitate intuitive navigation for users to explore and utilize the diverse sourcing categories.

Admin Web App: Empower administrators with robust tools to manage, monitor, and optimize the platform’s functionality. Ensure efficient oversight of user activities, transactions, and content management.

Our Process

  • A systematic approach guided the success of the project:

    1. Requirements Gathering: Collaborative consultations facilitated a clear understanding of the web application’s features and functionalities.
    2. Market Research: In-depth industry research informed the selection of appropriate technologies and software, aligning with user interface and experience trends.
    3. UX Design: With insights from user research in hand, our UX designers created wireframes and prototypes using tools like Adobe XD. These wireframes served as the blueprint for the software’s user interface, focusing on intuitive navigation, efficient task flows, and an overall user-friendly experience.
    4. UI Design: Once the wireframes were approved, our UI designers took over to craft a visually appealing and cohesive user interface using Figma. This included selecting color schemes, typography, iconography, and other design elements that reflected the branding and aesthetics of the web application.
    5. SRS Documentation: A detailed Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document outlined project timelines, budget, and specific functionalities.
    6. Development: The Web application, developed using React JS and Node JS, adhered to project objectives and timelines.
    7. Testing and Verification: Rigorous testing ensured the satisfaction of all software test cases, minimizing post-launch issues.
    8. Deployment: After client verification and thorough testing, the web application was deployed to the live environment.


Key Features & Challenges:

  • Features:

    1. Admin Page: The admin page is a comprehensive dashboard empowering administrators with tools for efficient management, monitoring, and optimization of the entire platform. It allows for oversight of user activities, and content management.
    2. CRO/CMO/CRAMS: This feature serves as a finder for Contract Research Organizations (CRO), Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO), and Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS). Users can explore and connect with service providers for clinical services, chemistry services, analytical services, and formulation services.
    3. Drug Substance Sourcing: Enabling users to source Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and raw materials, as well as list surplus materials. This feature streamlines the process of acquiring essential components for pharmaceutical manufacturing.
    4. Pharma Services: This section encompasses dossier services, other key services, and a listing of key websites relevant to the pharmaceutical industry. It provides a centralized platform for sourcing various services essential to pharmaceutical operations.
    5. Equipment: Users can explore and source both new and used equipment for pharmaceutical manufacturing.
    6. Formulations: This feature focuses on sourcing information related to different formulations used in pharmaceutical products. It provides a valuable resource for professionals seeking specific formulations for their pharmaceutical projects.
    7. Customer Finder: A tool designed to help users find and connect with other pharmaceutical professionals or entities. This feature fosters collaboration and networking within the pharmaceutical community.
    8. Impurities:

    The impurities sourcing feature aids in the identification and acquisition of impurities for pharmaceutical manufacturing. It provides a valuable resource for maintaining the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products.


    1. Complex Data Management: 
      Handling diverse types of data related to drug substances, services, equipment, and user interactions while ensuring accuracy, security, and scalability.


    1. User Experience and Interface Design: 
      Designing intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for both consumer and admin applications, considering the diverse needs and technical backgrounds of users within the pharmaceutical industry.


    1. Dynamic Redirection Based on Authentication Status:
      Developing conditional logic to detect user authentication status. 
      If logged in, redirecting users directly to the desired filtered page;
      If not logged in, directing them to the sign-in or sign-up page first, then redirecting to the filtered page after authentication.


    1. Bulk Upload File Mapping:
      Establishing a feature allowing users to upload files in bulk and map fields from an Excel file to corresponding sections within the platform.


The Pharmaceutical Sourcing Hub successfully transformed the pharmaceutical sourcing landscape. The consumer web app provides professionals with a seamless experience, while the admin web app ensures efficient oversight. Overcoming challenges in data management and interface design, the platform delivers an intuitive and visually appealing interface, meeting the diverse needs of the pharmaceutical industry. The dynamic redirection and bulk upload features enhance user experience, solidifying Pharma Info Source’s position as an industry leader in sourcing solutions.

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