Why every Business should have a Mobile App


The world is turning digital at a rapid pace; every business has started to integrate the latest technologies with their company to grow with the world and not miss out on any opportunity. The number of smartphone users is on a steep rise; as per the research by the Ericsson group, 83.72% of the World Population are using a smartphone. Internet penetration into rural and urban areas has also increased drastically. Over 5 billion people use the internet globally, which is almost 63% of the world’s population. Smartphones are incomplete without apps; people use apps on a daily basis. During the year 2021, there were over 230 billion app downloads.

These statistics and data can be overwhelming to small and medium-scale businesses. There is also a stigma around the companies that having a website and social media page is sufficient to move their business digital. Contrary to that belief, more than 42% of small businesses own a mobile application. Mobile application is also a must-have feature for any business. Just look around you. Almost every outlet, trade, or small shop has its own mobile App. The bakeries, spas, and salons would have reached out to mobile app development companies to have their dedicated mobile apps.

If you are still thinking about why every business should have a mobile app, then skim through this article and understand the benefits businesses could reap by having a mobile application.

Reasons why every business should have a mobile app

Having a mobile application is not just going with the trend or FOMO. Still, it is a great idea to stay ahead of your competitors.

Be more visible to your customer

According to the statistics, an Indian would spend over 4 hours and 30 minutes using their mobile devices on average. During this period, they would use a handful of applications, the most commonly used social media, and chatting apps. But to use these apps, the user must unlock, scroll, search, and scan their phone to find the App. While doing so, they would come across your apps, and the image and text of your App would stay on their mind subconsciously, creating brand awareness, thus boosting brand visibility.

Customer Loyalty Program

The great thing about the mobile application is that it would enable the C-Level executives to engage and interact with customers directly. The in-app purchases, notifications, and ads in the App would create more impact on the brand to the customers than other marketing channels. The traditional marketing channels like roadside banners, pamphlets, brochures, and digital marketing channels like social media advertisements and email marketing are found to create less impact compared to a mobile application.

Providing loyalty points to customers for purchases, app visits, going through recipes or blogs, or attending a survey would make customers more loyal to your brand and come back to use those loyalty points, building a solid bond.

App as a Marketing tool

Well, we just discussed how loyalty programs act as an excellent means to reach and build awareness about your brand to your customers compared to other traditional and digital marketing activities. Another critical aspect of the App promotes your brand, product, and service like never before. The thing we are talking about is Notifications. A good app development company would enable notifications for your App.

As a business owner, you might think that notification is disturbing and causes irritation to the customers. But using the proper notifications would boost your brand identity, loyalty, and sales. The notifications can be used to send alerts, offers, discounts, coupons, updates, or even bring a smile to your customer’s face. Push notifications are the most effective marketing tool in mobile applications.

Improve Customer Service

Customer service is the most important aspect of the success of any business. The Customer support team acts as the face of your brand. Having vital customer service can boost your company’s sales very effectively. In today’s world, customer service is changing very rapidly. There are very few customers who are reaching out for support through calls. Most customers feel it is more comfortable to reach out to customer service through chat.

A mobile application lets customers interact with the live customer support team through a simple click of a button. These chats can be optimized by quick FAQs and automation before a person from the customer support team turns in for personalized live assistance. Most customers want to deal with customer support through chat rather than traditional means of call or email.

Understand your customers better

Growing your business in the 21st century without analytics is next to impossible. A mobile application would help your business gather many important insights about your customers. The insights would help you revisit and mold your user behaviour, thus helping your business form a more rigid and focused marketing strategy.

If your product/service provides value to the customer, the customer would be willing to share valuable information. There are also a lot of analytical tools like firebase, google analytics, and uxcam, which your mobile app development agency could integrate with the App. These would help you get some valuable insights like

  • User’s age, gender, demographics, device type, and much more
  • Retention rates
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly users
  • Uninstalls and Downloads

Stay ahead of your competition

Many businesses are slowly trying to adapt to digital transformation. Your competitors would probably be in the same state as your organization. Keeping up with the competition in this competitive world is a very onerous task. Mobile applications can give you a competitive edge over the market. The main reason is the increased use of mobile devices.

Mobile apps cater better to the customer compared to conve ntional channels like websites. For every business, a mobile app can highly benefit your business irrespective of the product/service you offer. You can reach out to the best mobile app development company by referring to their portfolio to discuss the design and features that your App can have to provide maximum benefit to the customer.

Increase your Return on Investment

As a business owner, you might be concerned about the cost of building a mobile application. But once you discuss with your mobile app development company, you will understand that the benefits outweigh the cost, and your ROI on the investment will be covered in a short period.

Launching your mobile application in various stores like the apple store, google play store enables you to expand the brand presence to a much wider audience. People who might not have known about your brand would come across your App and might convert into a customer. Apart from this, engaging with existing clients through apps would also boost your brand value and increase the company’s sales.


Every business, be it a startup, market player, or enterprise, would need a mobile application. In this article, we have discussed the importance of mobile apps for a business. Essentially mobile applications can help business in a number of ways; it gives the organization control over aspects like branding, scalability, customer interaction, security, and Engagement. To stay atop your competitors, get started on your mobile application today. Contact Coderz to plan and design your mobile App today.

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