Website Development for an Automotive Community

HTML5, CSS, JS, WordPress

Chennai Royal Riders are one of the biggest motor cyclist clubs in Chennai. This 15-year-old club, over the years, has built a strong community, with the top priority being safety and professionalism. The club’s mission has scaled from just enjoying long rides to social aspects like spreading awareness through rides to help charities raise funds. CRR enjoys all types of rides, from a short breakfast ride to multi-day rides to exotic locations. The 300+ members of the club have formed a strong brotherhood by traveling over 100k km by the club. They were looking for Dynamic Website Design in Chennai

Project Objective

The CRR club’s new joining process and spreading upcoming ride details had a lot of difficulties. The client aims to overcome these difficulties by building a dynamic website design in Chennai, their business location. Therefore, this website enables a centralized and streamlined process that facilitates new members to join the club and existing members to know about and participate in the future rides.

Our Process

  • We brainstormed with the client, developer, and project manager to understand the website’s required features.
  • We did perform market research to understand the competitors, UI/UX flow, tools, and software to be used for building the website.
  • After that, Our developers penned down the Software Requirement Specification (SRS) Documentation. It has details regarding the timeline, tools, budget, and software.
  • Above all, the developing team built the Chennai royal riders website using a CMS platform, and the testing team ensured all the test cases were satisfied.
  • After client verification, the site was pushed from staging to live.

Key features & Challenges

  • The Rides section must be only visible to the members of the club (logged-in users).
  • In addition, A username is automatically generated and sent to the user if a new user is registered with the site.
  • Once the club admin verifies the new user details, an autogenerated password is sent by mail to the user. We had some challenges linking the admin’s action and automating the autogenerated password to be sent by email. Our team could find the solution for the said action through research and trial and error methods.


The successful completion of the Chennai Royal Riders’ website development project yielded significant results and benefits for the client and its members. The project not only addressed the initial difficulties faced by the club but also enhanced its online presence and community engagement.

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