Website Development for Interior Design Studio

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Interior design

Concolor is a multi-faced design studio – a laboratory to ideate and fuse age-old experiences with contemporary practices. They are established in three cities Chennai, Coimbatore, and Bengaluru, and serve clients all across India. Concolor provides turn key solutions for Home, Office Spaces, Commercial Spaces and Retail Spaces. They pioneer in various design needs ranging from Luxurious villas to Budget Apartments, with over 11 years of experience they have accomplished over 2000+ projects, and have received over 24 design awards.

Concolor’s designers are artisans of space. They transform every square inch of space to echo their client’s personal flavour and vocabulary. They have a team of dynamic designers, visualizers, and engineers who work seamlessly with the client to bring out the perfect solutions.

Concolor wanted to expand its business and was looking for a web development company, to help them develop a dynamic, modern-looking website that would iterate its interior design skills. They came across Coderz Vision Technology when looking for website developers for interior design.

Project Objective:

The main goal of the concolor team was to have a website that showcases their area of expertise, they wanted a website that’s lively, attractive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. They wanted their website to also act as a lead magnet to collect enquiries for their services across India. The website should also have a facility for sourcing people looking to work in the industry.

Our Process

  • Our Developers, UI/UX team, and project manager visited the concolor office for a 2-day workshop to identify the target audience and understand their requirements and business model better.
  • Our design team performed extensive market research and user journey research to understand the website’s features from the user’s perspective.
  • Then the UIUX team got into action and designed a modern-looking, eye-pleasing, interactive, and user-friendly website design. The team included various animated gifs to make the site look like a perfect interior design company.
  • Immediately the development team kicked in and started developing the website, we had planned for 4 sprints to complete the development and testing process and both teams worked alongside each other to make the development process effective.
  • Our project manager was in regular communication with the client and updating them on the status and providing them with the beta version to test the site. Once all the bugs, issues, and test cases were verified the website was published live.

Key Features & Challenges:

We wanted the users to understand that it’s an interior designing company at their first glance at the website, we made it possible by using animated gifs that reflected various interior design aspects. Based on our research we have also identified that apart from homeowners, construction companies and architects are also the target audience for Concolor.


  • We have integrated a live chatbot into the website, this enabled concolor to quickly reach out to prospects in the hot stage.
  • We also have a contact form integration to enable prospects and clients to reach out to concolor for any concerns.
  • Integrated Lottie animations to get access to a vast profile of animated illustrations in gif format, this would give the visitor an interactive perspective about the business.


  • To make sure the site has the optimum performance we built a custom theme for the same.
  • Since the portfolio was an important aspect, there were a lot of images and videos on the website. So, our developers worked on providing the best performance and speed optimization to the site, the developers used various techniques like lazy loading, inline optimization, CDN, and image optimization to improve the performance of the site.


Coderz Vision Technology successfully delivered a vibrant, user-friendly, and visually appealing website that effectively showcased Concolor’s expertise in the interior design industry. The live chat feature, engaging visuals, and seamless contact form enhanced user interaction, contributing to the website’s role as a lead generation tool. By tackling the challenges and meeting the objectives outlined, this project not only met but exceeded Concolor’s expectations, positioning it as a leading name in interior design

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