Website Development for a Non – Profit Organization

HTML5, CSS, JS, WordPress
Non- Profit Organization (NGO)

C3 Research Foundation (C3RF) is a Non-Profit Organisation, that is working towards the quality of health and helping to build institutional and systems capacity in India for strengthening continuous Medical Education, Training, and Research in the area of Cardio-Metabolic. They frequently conduct camps at various places that are in need of medical assistance.

C3RF is Structured as an independent foundation with a broad, integrative approach towards Cardio-Metabolic Disorders, tailoring its endeavours to Indian conditions and bearing relevance to countries facing similar challenges and concerns.

C3RF has recognized that the need in the field of Cardio-Metabolic is unnoticed, uneducated rural areas are an added public health concern in the country which in turn requires health care to be addressed not only from the scientific perspective of what works but also from the social perspective of, who needs it the most.

Project Objective:

The primary objective of this project was to create a digital platform that enabled C3RF to monitor their initiatives, engage volunteers, and connect with communities in need of medical assistance. The specific goals included:
1. Progress Tracking: Develop a website to track and showcase C3RF’s ongoing medical education, training, and research efforts in Cardio-Metabolic disorders.
2. Volunteer Engagement: Attract and engage volunteers who shared C3RF’s vision and wanted to contribute to their mission.
3. Community Outreach: Create a platform for identifying and reaching out to underserved communities that required medical assistance.

Our Process

• Our Developers, UI/UX team, and project manager visited the C3RF office for a 2-day workshop to identify the target audience and understand their requirements and business model.
• The design team underwent the market research and user journey research to understand the required features from the user’s perspective.
• Then the UIUX team got into action and designed a simple, easy-to-navigate website.
• The development team started developing the website, we had planned for 3 sprints to complete the development and testing process and both teams worked alongside each other to make the development process effective.
• Our project manager was in regular communication with the client and updating them on the status and providing them with the beta version to test the site. Once all the bugs, issues, and test cases were verified the website was published to live.

Key Features & Challenges:

The main aim of the website was to provide users with information regarding various clinical trials, research projects, and general information about cardio-related medical education. So we wanted the site to be unique but plain, neat, and easy to navigate for users to consume all the information.


WhatsApp Integration: We integrated a WhatsApp button with the website so that users can quickly reach out to the specialist to understand more about a specific topic and get expert guidance with ease.
Aesthetic Design: The website also has a simple and effective design that was carefully curated by our design team to make sure the website has a pleasing look.
Search Functionality: We have also used a search feature on the home page to allow users to quickly search and navigate to the required topic.


• Content Management: The client wanted to have access to a dashboard to update on the research clinic trails, events, and much more on a regular basis, so our development team developed a dashboard that gives the client access to edit, remove and add new content to the website with ease. We customise the dashboard to make it easy to navigate and look aesthetically good.
• Balancing Design and Simplicity: Since the website needed to be in a simple design, and also should catch the reader’s attention, our UIUX team spent many days trying out various layouts and designs that would provide the required results.


Coderz delivered a website that empowered the C3 Research Foundation in its mission to improve healthcare quality and accessibility. By providing tools for progress tracking, volunteer engagement, and community outreach, this project played a pivotal role in enhancing C3RF’s ability to make a positive impact in the field of Cardio-Metabolic disorders and underserved communities.

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