Website Development for a non-profitable charitable trust

HTML5, CSS, JS, WordPress
Non - Profit Organization (NGO)

PULSE is a Charity wing of the C3 Research Foundation (C3RF). C3RF is a non-profitable charitable trust instituted by trustees with the thought of helping the poor. The main focus of the organisation is to rebuild the lives of kids and needy people from poor socio-economic backgrounds, who are victims of heart and other diseases. 

PULSE was conceived by a number of doctors who came across a number of poor heart patients needing urgent treatment during the course of their work and at heart camps that they conducted. In India, there are instances of babies and people of low socioeconomic status dying for no fault of theirs. These people do not have the money even to come to the hospital for check-ups and consultations. 

This initiative was possible because many people, philanthropists, and organisations have similar thoughts about helping the poor. The NGO was looking to develop a website to showcase its work and attract more like-minded donors to contribute to the Nobel cause

Project Objective:

Pulse has a wonderful motive to help people from poor socio-economic backgrounds get the right and timely medical help they require. The problem this NGO was facing is to find the right financial donor for the patient at the right time. Since time was crucial for the patients they wanted to expand the process at a quick pace.  The specific goals included:

  1. Donor Engagement: Create a user-friendly website to attract and engage donors willing to contribute to the cause promptly.
  2. Visibility and Recognition: Establish an online presence for PULSE to increase recognition and authenticity, thereby attracting more philanthropic support.
  3. Timely Fundraising: Develop a platform that could swiftly raise funds to address the critical and urgent medical needs of underprivileged patients.

This is where Coderz stepped in, we understood that having a website and social media channels would help the organisation reach out to donors and get the funds seamlessly and also give the organisation the recognition it needs.

Our Process

  • Our Senior Developers, UI/UX team, and project manager visited the organisation for 2 consecutive days and spoke with the Pulse Team to understand their requirements and target audience better.
  • Our design team got into market research to understand the website’s features from the user’s perspective.
  • After all the research, the UIUX team got into action and designed a user-friendly website with easy navigation.
  • Then the development team kicked in and started developing the website, we had planned for 4 sprints to complete the development and testing process and both teams worked alongside each other to make the development process effective.
  • Once all the internal test cases were verified and regular communication with the client the website was moved to live from development.

Key Features & Challenges:

We identified two extreme cases where a user would spend their time on the website. One would be a user who would understand the gist and would have already known about the organisation and would promptly go ahead and make a donation. The other would be new users who would want to verify the authenticity of the organisation, for the same we have included a number of pages regarding the patients who received help previously and about the existing patients, their diagnosis, and the required amount to treat the patient.

  • Payment Gateway Integration: Payment gateway integration, payments can be made from anywhere in the words with any currency denomination.
  • Live Donation Updates: Live view on the amount received required for the surgery and the donation amount received to date.
  • Contact Form: A contact form to receive queries from both the patients and donors.
  • SEO-Friendly Design: SEO-friendly website with easy navigation and building technical and on-page SEO.
  • Detailed Page about the donation, to help donors know everything about the patient and also have a look at the other donors who contributed to the cause.
  • Beneficiary Showcase: Build and showcase a dynamic list of Beneficiaries this would help donors identify where their money went and would also get an opportunity to contact beneficiaries.
  • Custom Payment Integration: We designed a custom payment integration method to enable various payment platforms to work together based on the currency used for donation.
  • Live Donation Updates: It was challenging to showcase the live updates as the payments are being made to a cause, so we built a custom application to capture the payment data, verify it, and update the same in the website dynamically and show live data. It was complicated but our developers worked as a team to break down the problems and find the perfect solution.
  • Global Donors: Since donors are from around the globe, the site performance and speed optimization was challenging, the developers used various techniques like lazy loading, inline optimization, CDN, and image optimization to improve the performance of the site.


Coderz successfully delivered a website that empowered PULSE to fulfill its life-saving mission. By providing a platform for donor engagement, visibility, and timely fundraising, this project played a pivotal role in saving lives and enhancing the recognition and authenticity of the PULSE Charitable Trust.

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