Website Development for a Product Based Company

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Product Based Company

Vishak India is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and dealer in the field of insect screens, mosquito nets, window blinds, and screens, they provide service with different types of fitment options along with finest quality and durability for homes and commercial spaces without disturbing the interior and architectural aspects.

Vishak is a High-Quality Mosquito Net dealer in Chennai. They provide 100% guaranteed mosquito net solutions for home and commercial spaces. They have Quality assured products with a long-term life span that safeguards your environment and protects you from mosquitoes, insects, pests, bugs, flies, etc.

At Vishak they offer Mosquito Net for windows, Mosquito Net for doors, and Mosquito net for balconies all combined to give their customers a peaceful environment against their struggle with mosquitoes. Vishak wanted to take their local business online by building an e-commerce website to tap the undiscovered potential of finding new customers.

Project Objective:

Vishak offered niche-specific and unique products to the clients, their business model was focused on providing customised solutions to the customers based on their requirements. An e-commerce website would allow their customers to understand the product’s features and vishak’s unique installation procedure.

Our Process

• Our Developers, UI/UX team, and project manager visited Vishak India’s office and Factory, to conduct a 2-day workshop to identify the target audience and understand their products, requirements, and business model.
• The design team swiftly started to work on creating user personas, market research, and user journey research to understand the required features from the user’s perspective.
• Later the UIUX team got into action and designed an e-commerce website with unique features, users wouldn’t purchase the product instead they would enquire about the product directly.
• The development team started developing the website, we had planned for 4 sprints to complete the development and testing process and both teams worked alongside each other to make the development process effective.
• Our project manager was in regular communication with the client and updating them on the status and providing them with the beta version to test the site. Once all the bugs, issues, and test cases were verified the website was published to live.

Key Features & Challenges:

Vishak India have their own manufacturing unit, giving them an edge in the market and allowing them to create customised products. The price of the product would depend on various factors so, the client decided instead of online purchasing they wanted customers to take action to contact the company directly. This way we would have to develop a website with unique functionality that should neither look like an e-commerce site nor like a catalogue listing website.

Also apart from end customers, architects, interior designers, and construction companies were also high-value clients for the company. Vishak also provides dealerships around India, we made sure to keep this target audience in mind while developing the website.


• Add, edit, and delete products from the dashboard and track the inquiries and respond to the same from the dashboard.
• Instead of the buy now button there would be a WhatsApp button, this way users can directly talk to the sales team about the products.
• Dealers can register themselves in a form and apply to become a dealer of Vishak India.
• The call and WhatsApp buttons would only work during office hours and would be disabled and not visible to the customer during non-working hours. During this time the users would be redirected to a form to submit their query.


• We customise the dashboard for making it easy for the clients to add products and blogs to the website.
• Since the website was also going to be used for advertising, the website would receive a lot of traffic, so performance was a very important aspect. As it was an e-commerce website there were a lot of images on the website. So, our developers worked on providing the best performance and speed optimization to the site, the developers used various techniques like lazy loading, inline optimization, CDN, and image optimization to improve the performance of the site.


Coderz Vision Technology’s collaboration with Vishak India resulted in an e-commerce website that not only met the client’s objectives but also positioned them as a leading provider of insect screens, mosquito nets, and window solutions. The website’s unique functionality, user-centric design, and performance optimization have significantly contributed to Vishak India’s online success and growth.

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